Outplacement Services


Where is my next job?
How much will I make?
When do I start?


While we’d love to answer that for you, we can’t. No one can.


But we can help you organize and plan your job search to minimize the amount of time you spend between jobs.


MRA – The Management Association has been providing HR and related services to employers for over 100 years. We apply that knowledge to displaced employees to assist them in the transition to their next job. We’ve been providing this service for over 20 years, typically as part of the former employee’s severance package.


More and more employers are learning the benefits of assisting terminated employees with their job search. There will always be competition for top talent. In today’s connected world, word travels fast—and far—about a company’s relationship with its employees.

Companies stay ahead of this by monitoring their reputation as an employer as much as they monitor and protect their brand, product or service. Comprehensive outplacement as part of a severance package is one way to demonstrate their commitment to their workforce, at all stages of employment.


  • you have been offered outplacement assistance through MRA by your former employer,
  • you’ve been granted a budget by a former employer to cover services to help with your job search, or
  • you are in search of work and would like professional guidance through the process,


    MRA is ready to help. Get in touch with us anytime with your questions and concerns. We look forward to working with you.







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