Outplacement Services

Why Outplacement?

 Why do I need outplacement services?

Many people ask this after they've been separated from their job. The short answer is, "Because outplacement assistance can help you in your job search." But how?

First and foremost, outplacement is not a headhunter or recruiter who will just give you job leads and set up interviews.

Planning, preparation and action
What MRA Outplacement Services will do for you is better equip you for your job search. How do you translate your skills, education, and experience into the tools and strategies you need? From your resume to references, interviews to negotiations, and anything else you might need—we can help.

What do YOU need?
MRA Outplacement Services do not consist of "canned" programs—our programs are tailored to the individual. The approach is a little bit counseling and a little bit coaching, addressing your unique needs and emphasizing your strengths and career direction.

Get an edge
Only a small percentage of job seekers utilize professional outplacement services. So by tapping in to our vast resources, you immediately have an edge. Everyone will eventually get a new job, but when money is tight, COBRA is a burden, and competition is fierce, it makes good sense to do what you can to get a leg up and secure a new position. That’s where MRA Outplacement Services can help.

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